Family and Community Services

At UICS, we believe in the nurturing strength and support of community.

We believe in the simple power of a kind word or gesture to lift someone up.

We believe that people who are taught to become strong will be unstoppable.

We believe that the more you give someone the confidence to believe they can, the more they will.

Many residents living near St. Mark Center face challenges that can jeopardize the well-being, development, and growth of their children and family.  This may include loss of a job, reduction of the household income, unexpected medical expenses, emotional trauma, family dissolution, death, or expenses due to foreclosure, fire or other disasters.

Our team of specially trained family advocates and caring staff help families strengthen their resolve and resilience. UICS provides assistance, mentoring, and connections to community resources so families can access what they need to overcome their challenges. Theses services include:

  • Happy Bottoms, Kansas City’s diaper bank, is on-site and provides diaper assistance to families in need;
  • Parent Education – a variety of on-site and in-home programs to mentor, teach and support parents in their roles as caregivers and their child’s first teachers.
  • Emergency Support such as assistance with food, rent or utilities.

Contact UISC to learn more about Family and Community Services or make a donation to support our mission of strengthening and supporting families.