Early Childhood

The need for quality early childhood education is well established, and nowhere is that need more acute than in disadvantaged communities with minority populations. Estimates of the return on investment of high-quality programs for low-income children range from $4 to $17 for every $1 spent. This return on investment, however, is directly linked to quality.

United Inner City Services’ 40-year history of providing early childhood education in the urban core has been distinguished by an emphasis on quality. Our core program, St. Mark Child and Family Development Center ensures children will be ready to benefit from academic, social and emotional activities provided at the next level of education (kindergarten readiness).

Considered a “hidden gem” in the community, St. Mark has quietly built a reputation for delivering quality early education to children ages 0-5 in one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods. With an arts-infused curriculum, it has been at the forefront of innovation and its “whole family” approach is a model for community empowerment.