Inspring minds and impacting futures for Kansas City’s early learners.

Metro Center

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Sparking Change and Giving Hope

We are Metro Center, a catalyst in the community sparking change.

We are actively altering the early childhood education conversation.

We are leading by example.

We show that together, we can make bigger strides and accomplish more.

We help families confidently rise to the challenges of everyday life.

We help every child reach his/her inherent potential in the classroom and at home.


A vibrant treasure situated at the bustling corner of 39th St. and Troost Ave, Metro Center is a dynamic facility where hope flies high and offers great opportunity for children and families in surrounding neighborhoods to flourish. Located at one of the city’s busiest metro stops, Metro Center offers access to transportation and quality early childhood education to families in need. Our arts-infused environment, cultural diversity, and creative philosophy attract families of all backgrounds.

It is this emphasis on the arts, as well as a unique and consistent quality of education, that drives our high degrees of kindergarten readiness for every child that steps through our doors.

And it’s precisely what inspires confidence, trust, and a legacy of learning in children and families of this energetic community.



While Metro Center often has a wait list, families interested in enrollment are encouraged to complete the Enrollment Inquiry Form on our Admissions page.  Families will be contacted as openings become available.

Infant & Toddler (6 weeks to 3 years)

In the Metro Center infant and toddler classrooms, the focus is on sensory experiment and development. This is the first step in helping infants grow into curious children. We also begin working on social and emotional development in the infant room. Our individualized interactions with infants readies them for future exploration and education.

Pre-School (3 years to 5 years)

Pre-School students at Metro Center will grow empathy and understanding as they learn to socialize with others, solve problems, and develop self-confidence. Students continue to expand their social and emotional development. Along the way they also develop better listening, language and cognitive skills in preparation for kindergarten.