Families from St. Mark Center gathered on the evening of November 19, 2018, at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts for the unveiling of the Grow Up Great Gallery, a new handprint art wall that St. Mark students helped create. Students searched for their individual handprint and beamed with pride as they pointed it out to their parents, family members, and teachers.

St. Mark Center, the Kauffman Center, and PNC Bank worked collaboratively to provide this unique art opportunity for the students. “We enjoy working with St. Mark Center students and seeing them learn, create art, and make connections,” said PNC Volunteer Chris Hutchinson.

In addition to viewing the wall, attendees were presented with kid-friendly dinner options while coloring tablecloths and greeting puppet characters that were circling the room. After dinner, families participated in Drum Safari, an interactive percussion performance in one of the Kauffman Center’s acoustically flawless performance halls. Students played the drums, tambourines, and shakers while learning how to use rhythm to communicate with one another. Instruments with origins from around the world displayed how art can bring communities together in celebration.

“The detail to keep the children engaged was incredible. It was an evening that we won’t forget,” said St. Mark Parent Cristina Ortiz. “Thank you to all involved.”