“When my children started at UICS a year ago, it was a relief for me. I was living in transitional housing close by and trying to find a quality preschool for my kids. Several of my neighbors had told me about St. Mark. I toured the center and it definitely stood out to me. The curriculum, the teachers, everything about it was above and beyond all the other schools. Not only did I want a school where my children would fit in and be challenged, but also a safe environment.

My daughter attended other quality centers before UICS. Aaliyah has always been so smart, I knew she needed to be challenged and in a place where she could really learn and not be bored. She starts kindergarten next year and she is more than ready. She can write her name, knows her numbers and can even count backwards. Everyday I would pick her up and ask her about what she learned. She always told me so many things whether it was a new song, a game, or how to share with her friends. My son started when he was an infant. In addition to working on reaching his milestones, he was learning age-appropriate math. What they have learned at St. Mark exceeds what they ever received anywhere else.

St. Mark is so much more than an early childhood provider. They have so many programs for parents and families. During Stay and Play (a weekly after school art and play studio for parents and kids), we got to hang out, me and the kids, and play as well as learn together. That was really neat.

Things like a free book program and Happy Bottoms were great resources for me. When my children first started attending St. Mark, I was single and doing it all on my own and Happy Bottoms meant I did not have to worry about how I was going to provide diapers for my son while he was at school.

UICS provided a great foundation for me. It allowed me to get into a good routine, balancing work, family, school, and time to study. Positive changes in my life mean we have moved and St. Mark is too far for me to travel. It is a great school! I’m really proud that my children had the opportunity to go there.”

– Thank You, Brittany, former UICS parent