Mission and History


United Inner City Services (UICS) has served the 12th Street downtown Kansas City, Missouri corridor since 1967. Under the leadership of UICS Executive Director, Rev. Sam Mann, the childcare program began in 1972 to meet the urgent needs of neighborhood families. In response to a growing demand for high quality childcare by welfare to work families, UICS launched a capital campaign in 2001 to build St. Mark Child & Family Development Center.  In 2004, UICS opened the state-of-the-art St. Mark Child and Family Development Center. Initially serving the 12th Street Corridor, UICS’s area of influence now extends throughout Jackson County, Missouri. Rev. Mann retired from the organization in 2010, serving now as Executive Director Emeritus. He was succeeded by Dorice Ramsey who served as Executive Director through August of 2012 when Deidre Anderson was appointed to the position.


We envision an empowered community where children and families flourish.


Our mission is to provide opportunity and support to individuals and families for the promotion of community and personal empowerment to enhance the quality of their lives.