Arts-infused Curriculum

Children use art to express their emotions, problem solve with their peers, and communicate their creativity. 

Individualized Approach

At St. Mark Center, we meet students where they are at and empower them to learn and grow. 

High Quality Early Childhood Education

We believe all children deserve an exceptional education right from the start, and they will make the world better because of it.

Community Connections

We work with community partners both large and small to achieve our goals and empower the families we serve.

Inspiring little learners every day.

At St. Mark Center, our faculty encourages individuality and supports exploration. Through an innovative, arts-infused curriculum, we’re inspiring students to reach their fullest potential.

We believe strong foundations give us all something to build on.

At UICS, we know it’s often the little things that get in the way of big progress.

Our goal is to build bridges of opportunity through quality early learning and family engagement.  We help each child, each family, build a strong foundation to overcome anything standing in the way of a bright future.

We are where hope flies high. Where families flourish.

Where kids can be kids.

We believe in reaching out to everyone around us. We believe in the nurturing strength and support of community. Thank you for saying, “yes” to our mission!

Sometimes there’s nothing better than jumping in and giving of yourself. Sharing your time and talent will change a life – including your own.

Every member of our team has the desire to make a difference.

Is that you?

Strength comes from the fact that we’re all in this together.

Without each other, where would we be? Our teamwork has the power to make us ever stronger.  We welcome your support.

Let’s connect.

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